If You Can Copy And Paste

Then You Can Have A Steady Stream Of

Gorgeous, Desirable Women


Begging To Date You!

Women Will Be Calling,

Texting, And Outright

Knocking Down Your Door

Demanding You Let Them In

Once You Know These

Potent Secrets

Hey, my name is Race, and in this short letter, I’m gonna give you a simple “copy and paste” method that will have you meeting more women this month, than most guys will meet in the next year.


I know it sounds too good to be true, but I 100% promise you If you follow the simple steps I lay out for you below…


You'll be dating a different bombshell every night of the week, sampling all of life's pleasures, and in the end…(if you find that "perfect one" to spend the rest of your life with, that’s great!)


Just know, it won’t be because you “settled for it.”


But before I jump into the details, we gotta get one thing straight first…


I want you to toss everything you thought you knew about meeting women in the garbage because...


Not Only Is This “Old Way” Of Meeting Women

A Complete Waste Of Time And Money…

It’s Also Actively Working Against You


Let me explain…


Do you ever wonder why going out to the bars and trying to pick up girls is

such a normal thing for most guys to do?


Well for starters...It's been ingrained into our culture for decades.


Guys get all snazzy looking, do a couple of curls to pump up their

biceps for the ladies, and go out and blow half their paycheck on

booze just so they can gather up enough liquid courage to go chat

up a few girls.


And sure...they may “get lucky” here and there...


But most of the time...they go home empty handed, only to try again

the next weekend…


Simply because they've been told that's the “best” way you'll be able to

meet and take a girl home.


And I’m here to tell you right now…


That advice is about as silly, outdated and cliche as the definition of insanity:


“Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”


I say enough with the old way of doing things!


Crawling around pubs only to compete with hundreds of guys for scraps, while the three or four hot girls in the place hang out with the rich guy who looks like Brad Pitt.


Well, when you possess the secrets I have to show you…


You can say goodbye to that grim reality…


Goodbye to those gut wrenching butterflies circling around in the pit of your stomach when you even think of approaching that girl across the room...


Goodbye to that looming fear of rejection that shrivels your sack into prunes...


And goodbye to those thoughts frantically cycling through your brain for the perfect thing to say while “that” girl... sits there in front of you... wondering why the heck you’re so nervous!


This is going to be a thing of the past for you...because I’ve discovered a MUCH better way...

When You Find Yourself With A Different Gorgeous Girl Each Night, You'll Literally Think It's Magic...

Testimonials -

Just look at what ___ and ___ had to say about how

powerful this secret really is...

Here’s the DEAL...


Until 2008 I was "unknown" in the online dating community.

Nobody but a few friends of mine knew who I was or what

I had done.


And even though I'd been living in the Las Vegas equivalent

of the Playboy Mansion, meeting over 30 women a month...


I pretty much kept my conquests (and my tactics) to myself,

and continued to experience things that 99.9% of the male

population couldn't even fathom, and I went about my life this

way...for months!




Well, think about it.


If you stumbled upon a method for meeting dozens of women a month...


Something that worked so absurdly well that you could actually date 5 to 6 different women a week... Would you spend your free time bragging about it on reddit or some other social networking site?


Or….would you spend that time with those high quality girls you’ve been racking up?




The only one in on this secret was my roommate Kelly.


And that’s because he was the guy who actually taught all of this to me.


But after awhile our exploits started getting too crazy not to share, so our buddies finally convinced us to put it all up on a blog.


And after it caught on like wildfire, not a day went by when I wasn't getting hammered with emails from guys who wanted to learn our strategies, techniques, and tips for attracting smoking hot women.


They wanted to know what secrets we were keeping to ourselves.


They wanted to know how we had this power to create...


Effortless Attraction

Right At Your Fingertips!





































The Secrets That Put You In

Complete Control When Dating

Women Online!


These days, it's about getting what you want...when you want it.


While the other guys follow the old way of doing things like scurrying around the bars and clubs, laying out cash for covers and drinks desperately hoping to find a girl to talk to...


You can relax at home on the sofa, sipping down a glass of wine, while Netflix N’ Chillin’ with a gorgeous woman who fits your exact specifications.


While those same guys are forced to settle for whatever women life randomly throws their way (if any at all)...


You are dating and sleeping with exactly the type of girls that you want to.


With These Secrets, It’ll Be Like Having Free Reign Over Your Own Personal Dating Site With Hundreds Of

High Quality Women That Actually

WANT To Meet You...


Maybe you want a 5'4" brunette with big breasts, brown eyes, hourglass curves and a quirky sense of humor.


Or it might be a southern-bell with blue eyes and a real deep caring for her family and love for puppies.


I could go on for 50 pages explaining all the possibilities, but I'm not going to waste your precious time, especially now that you're one of the select few that has discovered this secret method...


Because from now on, every second of your precious life is a second that can be spent with a beautiful woman….


And not one that you've settled for like the rest of the guys out there.


Now, if you’ve ever tried using online dating before…


You might have tried to match with those hot bombshells, but never got a reply…And the ones you did get a reply from are….well…


Let’s just say NOT your first choice.


Well here’s where it gets really interesting...


Because the secret I’m about to share with you will guarantee that...


The Women You Want Are

No Longer Untouchable


You know those hot ice queens you’ve eyed at the bars and



The ones that EVERY guy is staring at, and you just KNOW that if you


them you're going to get shot down because they've got their "shield" up so

high she might as well have a chastity belt strapped to her golden vagina.


Well there's something important  you need to know...


Here’s the shocker, if you catch them with their shield down,

they're some of the coolest, most down-to-earth girls you'll ever



And that's where my secret works its magic.


Let me explain...


Ya know that whole "Cold Rude Standoffish thing" she’s got

going on?


It's not really her fault; she's getting approached by hundreds of

lame-o's every night and she needs some way to shut them down.


That’s why she acts that way... so she can just enjoy her night in peace

with dignity and no B.S.!


Totally Understandable, Right?


But when she's sitting at home at her computer and she's in her comfy

tank top and boy shorts...


When she’s let down her hair... she's let down her defenses too...


And it’s in this moment...you have direct access to her...without the noisy distractions of the bars, pubs, or clubs, and without those muscle-bound “bros” standing in your way.


This Is When You Come To Her Rescue

And Make Your First Move!


As soon as your message pops into her inbox her eyes are going to light up, and you’ll have tickled her brain to the point she can’t help but respond.


It’s like you’ve created a deep primal “urge” in her that she has no choice but to scratch!


In her mind, YOU are the “White Knight” in shining armor.


(Insert example opener with a good response from a woman?)


And that’s one of hundreds of messages that I’ve systematically tested, tweaked and refined over the course of talking to thousands of women.


Every possible contingency has been handled and every possible factor has been accounted for. And it's been tested on every type of woman imaginable.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what I call...


"Window Shopping For Women"


What you'll get with Window Shopping For Women is a system that draws from cutting edge research in social dynamics and employs a unique combination of...


1.. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)


A highly effective method for influencing the brain and it’s behaviors through the use of

language -- Embraced by thought-leaders and behavioral therapists all over the world.



2.. Advanced Evolutionary Psychology


New breakthrough discoveries concerning the nature of masculine and feminine identity

roles, and social dynamics over the last 200,00 years.



3.. And Cutting Edge Research In The Science of Emotional Experience...


What I want to show you will empower you…

To generate instant attraction to you from the moment she receives your first message!

I know it sounds kinda complicated (and believe me it was to develop this.)



But you don’t have to worry, because…


I've Taken All The Mystery,

All The Guess Work,

And All The Chance Out Of This, And Boiled It Down Into A Simple, Step-By-Step, Powerful System YOU Can Master Almost


Here's How It Works...







































And This Is Good News For You...


Because you can EASILY follow the emotional sequence I'm about to explain...


A sequence that I hand to you, so that all you have to do is "copy and paste"

(and of course, I'll help you learn how to create your own).


I imagine you’re beginning to see how powerful this really is...


Because this means that from the comfort of your computer chair, you can use this system to seduce some of the world's most desirable women. So that…


Attraction Is Taken Care Of

Before She Even Meets You


And you're going to know the feeling of having your very own personal bottle of love potion #9.


Because that's the way it’s going to be when you use the secret sequence of private messages defined in Window Shopping For Women.


Which utilizes the most powerful attraction material ever developed to position yourself in her mind as a man she has to meet.


The same girl that was shutting guys down left and right at the club last night is dying to meet you…


And Now You've Got Her...

Eating Out Of The Palm Of Your Hand


And you're equipped with an arsenal of pre-scripted lines, techniques and back-pocket secrets designed to make getting her on a date as easy as "copy and paste."


Now the hard part is done with...all you have to do is follow the simple guide I've laid out for you to get her phone number, arrange the meet up, and then seal the deal.


Because by the time she shows up at your place, she's already fired up, ready to go, and wondering if you are going to approve of her.


And this is why Window Shopping For Women is so effective, and so mind-blowing.


What you've done is... You've Flipped the Script.


And now you are the one in total control.


It’s a whole different ball game!


No more nervously wondering if she likes you while you fumble for the kiss, hoping not to get rejected.


Because once she shows up at your door with smoldering lust filling her eyes...next, all you've got to do is follow the simple steps and she's yours.


When You Know How To Play The Online

 Dating Game The Right Way You Literally

Get To Handpick The Hottest Girls.


And if you prefer hipsters, goth chicks or preppies, well, they're hanging out online too. 65,000 new members join Plenty of Fish per day.


I just checked OKCupid - over 40,000 people are online at this moment...chatting, flirting, and hooking up!


You probably already know how big Match.com, eHarmony, and many of the other online dating sites that are active. Attractive women are flocking to these sites in droves.


I just checked OKCupid - over 40,000 people are online at this moment...chatting, flirting, and hooking up!


You probably already know how big Match.com, eHarmony, and many of the other online dating sites that are active. Attractive women are flocking to these sites in droves.


So Why Do I Love

 Online Dating Sites So Much?

Traditional seduction psychology holds that women are attracted to "alpha males" of their species.


So you're told to "demonstrate high value," and be "cocky/funny."


And this isn't bad advice... but it's just not enough...not by a long shot!


Because women have incredibly strong perceptive filters, and while you're trying to "fake it till you make it," she knows that you're not Brad Pitt, LeBron James, or some cash-heavy badass.


In fact, if you’re try to be too "cool" or alpha in front of her, you might as well be digging your own grave…


But if that’s what you’ve been doing...don’t worry, because most guys have it all wrong…


Here’s the real deal...only a few of history's great seducers were truly "alpha males."


From Lord Byron, to Casanova, to Johnny Depp's character in Don Juan DeMarco, their true power came from their ability to create peak emotional experiences for the women in their lives...


While other men were out working in the factories, attending to politics, and getting caught up in their day to day existence (and dragging their women along with them...)


These masterful ladies' men were able to take women to incredible, exotic, romantic escapes from the tedium of their lives...with nothing more than the power of their words (the kinds of words that captivate their emotions and win their hearts.)


And over the course of thousands of communications, I've had a chance to not only to experience this, but to analyze - line-by-line - exactly what was working and what wasn't.

Listen, If you told me a few years ago that I'd be meeting hundreds of women a year over the internet…

I'd tell you to check yourself in at the nearest loony bin.


Heck, if you told me I'd be meeting ANY women online, I'd call you crazy! And that's exactly what I told Kelly.


But as the weeks went by and his crazy stories piled up a mile high, one thing became clear:

whatever he was doing was working.

And it was working ridiculously well!


For me, I considered myself lucky if I ended up with 2 or 3 girls in a month. For him, that was like a day at the beach.

He was in a chick rock cover band, and for a long time, I attributed his success with women to his Third Eye Blind and Goo Goo Dolls covers...


But I soon noticed that there were 20-30 new women in the audience at every show. So one night, over primo pasta and marinara sauce, I asked him if I needed to build up my guitar chops to get the same results.


He flashed his trademark smile, and began to tell me his secrets…

His proven, tried and true method for meeting women online.

And of course, I was skeptical as hell.


Sure, the promise of unlimited access to gorgeous women seemed appealing, but for me, the idea of meeting girls on the Internet was just... a little bit off...and honestly...seemed kinda lame.


But Then He Shared Something With Me That Changed My Life Forever…

Your competition is pretty weak. Most guys have boring profiles, lousy photos, and their opener goes something like "what's up, you look hot, holla back." It doesn't take much to stand out, and the contrast between these guys, and a cool guy, is striking to the women receiving the messages.

These girls are, shall we say... sexually liberated. If that's your thing too, you should probably know that 1 in 3 women who meet a guy online have sex on their first date. (Don't believe me? Just Google "online dating statistics" and look at the Huffington Post article, it should be one of the first ones.)

If you're looking to settle down and find a loving wifey, the stats are in your favor, too. The average time from meeting to marriage is 18 months - less than half that of the 42 months it takes couples who meet in the real world to get hitched.

You can easily meet ten new women in two days...


Women who've already read about you and are interested in getting to know you better. How are you going to get more effective than that?


Like I said...I've done all the work for you.


I've spent the last decade in the trenches, experimenting with thousands of approaches for meeting women online.


And helping hundreds of guys through 1-on-1 coaching transform themselves into guys who can get any girl they want at any time they want with a few clicks of their mouse.


I'm handing over my "toolbox" of techniques and step-by-step blueprints that I use to get women out from the net, and into my life, at a rate that has "normal guys" shaking their heads in wonder.


And now..with your permission, I’m going to take you by the hand and...


I’m Going To Reveal It All To You

Right Now In My 5 Part System...

part1 : the curiosity button

Press her curiosity button and grab her attention. It all flows from here, and in this section you'll learn how to stand out from all the clueless chumps, spark her intrigue to the point she’ll be excited to message you back - something that 9 out of 10 guys can't do online.

The instant turn-offs that most men overlook while whipping up their profiles (If she sees any of these red flags littered in your profile, then you’ve already lost her before you have even said hello.)


Exactly what type of pictures to post that send tingles between her legs...even if you're older, overweight, or "average-looking"


How to use the power of Qualifying Statements...This one simple tweak can lead to 20-30% more women starting conversations with you FIRST.


My most successful, openers, (including two of my personal favorites...the “Marriage Proposal” and the “My Mistake” openers) these have been tested hundreds of times on everything from Facebook to POF.


The 3 MOST IMPORTANT elements in your profile - miss just one of these and you’ll make it a lot harder for her to connect with you


The biggest mistake that guys make in sending their first message, and the difference between a message that women respond to, and one they delete. It ALL comes down to this.

part 2 : the playfulness button

Press her playfulness button and get her flirting with you. This is where you set yourself up as a challenge - someone for her to chase and play with - and put YOU on the inside track - laps ahead of other men!

2 techniques that will instantly make her feel like she’s talking to you like you’re a long time boyfriend, and not some guy she just met online


How to be playful and fun without being childish and turning her off. If you've ever offended a woman with your flirting, then you need to see this


How to slip sexual undertones into the conversation in such a charming and fun way, she can't help but feel aroused and urged to write back about all the things she wants to do to you in a “wink wink, nudge, nudge” kind of way. ;)


Why words matter, and how to become a master of fun, flirty communication (A priceless skill you can safely develop online without fear of rejection. The best part? It will naturally become a part of your everyday conversations with women in the real world.)

part 3 : the imagination button

Press her imagination button and create enchantment, fascination, and desire. It's critical that she starts envisioning herself spending time with the REAL you, not just some guy she's flirting with. This will show you how to build a solid, real-world connection with her.

The critical mistakes that guys make when they're responding to her questions - screw it up here and you'll kill everything great that's been happening so far


The power of “future casting” to create romantic getaways in her mind. This is what separates you in her mind as “that online guy,” to a guy she can’t stop talking to all of her jealous friends about.


How to talk about yourself in a covert way without bragging or saying anything to turn her off.


3 amazing techniques that will take you from a “casual flirt buddy” to the guy who enchants her to the point she’ll wonder where you’ve been all her life!


Which details about your life you should share and which details you MUST keep to yourself (at first) to leave her wanting you that MUCH more...

part 4 : the safety button

Press her safety button and create trust. Women aren't dumb, and even though she's enjoying talking to you, she may still be unsure whether or not you're a psycho stalker. When the going gets tough, you need the tools in this module to show her that you're safe, genuine, and honest.

Realize she thinks you're too good to be true, and she'll test you. I'll show you the few common tests that women use, and how to pass each one of them with flying colorsRealize she thinks you're too good to be true, and she'll test you. I'll show you the few common tests that women use, and how to pass each one of them with flying colors


How to ask for her number in a fun, playful way that will have her furiously typing her digits faster than she can get out a giggle!


What to do when she puts up objections to giving you her number. When you understand WHY she does it, and how to get past this (you might smack yourself, and laugh at how easy it is to correct.)


A specific technique for dealing with the most in-demand “too cool for school” kinds of women when they stop responding, (most men give up here, but this will ensure she messages you back.)


How to do damage control, track back, and reset if she gets offended, you feel her slipping away, or the conversation goes sideways.

part 5 : the arousal button

Press her arousal button and trigger desire. She's agreed to see you, and now it's time to get her primed for the encounter. Will there be sparks when your eyes meet, and fire in her loins? Avoid the awkwardness, and make the first date the time of her life.

 Exactly what to do In the first five seconds you meet to make her comfortable and excited for the date ahead


How to test her sexual boundaries. Is she one of the three women who want to have sex on the first encounter? I'll show you the secret techniques I've used to find this out in a heartbeat.


How and when to begin physical escalation (it's a HECK of a lot sooner than you’d think)


How to move the date back to your place so smoothly she won’t even give it a second thought or hesitation


The infamous "le skratch" technique (This single piece of gold has led to more sex than anything else I teach)


And so much more...

This is the first method for meeting women that should come with the label: Caution: use of these techniques may become addictive. You'll love the power that comes from being able to have the women you want, on demand.


And if you’re going to use this method, I urge you to only use it in a way makes your life and the countless women you’re about meet that much better.


Because in the wrong hands, it could be used to manipulate women on a massive scale.


So just remember this: Leave them better off than you met them.


That being said...


Put everything you learn here to work for you, and you will dominate.


It's really that simple.


I want you to understand how close you are to the life you've imagined for yourself.


Because now you don't have to spend years "in the field," night after night practicing pickup artist techniques, grinding away towards success with women.


When you use this system, results are near instant. And once you've felt the power yourself, you'll never want to go back to the old outdated way of meeting women.


Now, I want to make sure that there's absolutely NO WAY you can possibly fail. So I'm ALSO including...

bonus #1 : girls tell all




Have you ever wanted to hear exactly what the girls you are talking to are thinking? I have actual interviews with some of the women that I met online breaking down our interaction and explaining exactly why what I was doing worked for them as opposed to all the other chumps who they ignore, or even worse...block.




Along with the insider videos of some of the girls I have dated, I also have copies of the actual conversations that you can read along with while they talk to you so you can get a much deeper demonstration of exactly what I did to win them over

bonus #2 : race's best openers









The dreaded " opener " No one ever knows what to say to entice someone so much that she cannot help but respond to you. With my proven methods and openers that I have used on hundreds of women… you will never have that problem again!

bonus #3 : conversation breakdowns



When it comes to internalizing everything, the next step is in seeing where my beliefs meet my words. Why did I write the things I wrote and say the things I said? Why did women respond so well?


In this bonus section, we're going to take some of my favorite interactions and break them down so you'll understand what was going on in my head... "oh, she's responding this way, which means she's thinking that... so I should say the following things."


This is about as close to ‘me standing over your shoulder and telling you what to write’ as it gets.


 You'll see interactions that went positively perfect from start to finish, as well as interactions where I encountered resistance and needed to overcome it.


Nothing is left out or left to question, and you'll come out of this bonus section with a full insight into not only my mind, but also on the minds of the women who I'm writing.


And the best part is...this will teach you how to customize and tailor messages for your personality, so you can start crafting the same kinds of messages that make women drop dead curious about you


Ok, now  you're probably wondering...


How Much Is This Going

To Cost?


Here’s what’s up...the price for this treasure trove is extremely low right now, but before I let you in on it, know my primary goal at the moment is to get this system into the hands of as many honest, stand-up guys as I can.  Real men who are ready to make a change in their lives for the better...and finally be a positive success when it comes to meeting and dating women.


Think of it this way...The last time you went out to bar or club it probably cost you about $30 (most likely more) between cover charges, over-priced drinks, tipping the guy in the bathroom a couple bucks cause he hands you a towel and parking your car or taking a cab.


That’s exactly how it is, right? And here’s another wake-up call!


Let's say you go out once a week with the intention of meeting girls...that’ll will cost you at least $120 a month (and that’s being conservative!)


But when you use Window Shopping For Women  to generate such powerful attraction gorgeous women will do anything keep you around.  As a plus, you'll save that $120 monthly... and you’ll be relieved to know you will never have to go through that nightclub nightmare ever again...case closed.


When I asked my students who use this system everyday to meet women for feedback on the pricing of the book and access to the bonuses…


They all agreed that anywhere between $997.00 and $1997.00 would be a bargain, based on their boost in self-confidence, how many women they've met, and how much money they've saved.


Not to mention these students all paid the price tag of $3,500 each to learn my system live.. And every single one of them would do it again and again..


Just listen to what ___ had to say


Testimonial -


But I’m not even going to charge you what I charged ____ …


Here’s the deal...


For being one of the very select few to experience this system in action You’re only going to pay a modest $97.00 (priceless!) today to get your copy of Window Shopping For Women and all the bonuses.


And if you’re not absolutely, positively 100% satisfied with the promises I’ve made to you, you can shoot me a message within 60 days for a full refund.


I promise you we’ll part as friends, and you’ll have...


 No problems, no hassles, and no questions asked.


In either case, I’ve got your back (And I say that with all sincerity)




Just Try Click Button Dating For Yourself For Up To 60 Days... If You Do Not Start To Benefit Within Those 60 Short Days... OR: If You Aren't Completely Sold On The Effectiveness of Click Button Dating... Or Even If you Decide To Never Even Read It Or Access the Private Members Area... Decide That I Annoy you... Or Whatever Other Reason You Come Uo With...I'll Gladly Refund Every Penny... No Hassles, No Delays!

But remember...this product should only be bought by the guys that are ready to ditch the old, expensive, and exhausting ways of meeting women and join us in doing it the easy way... point and click, copy and paste for 10 minutes a day.


Here’s How To Get










Because you'll have immediate access to the course online, you can begin using these techniques with the easy investment of a few minutes of your time. You simply follow the instructions for mind blowing results.


I know it's going to be a game-changer for you (excuse the pun,) and I know that this is going to have a profound impact on your life...


And it's time for you to give it a try.


Just click the button below and fill out your information.


And then GET EXCITED my man!


 Because you’re about to join the new breed of men who meet more women in just a few weeks, than most guys do in their lifetime.


I’ll see you on the inside,


- Race de Priest

Your Price Today: $97

Just look at the success my students

are having!

“ This helped me find the woman of my dreams…"



   This has landed me with so many dates—honestly more than I could juggle. Then I met THE girl that was everything I wanted and then some with it! Proposing to her in Orlando in 5 weeks. Engagement ring is being made as we text! Cheers Dude!


- Chuck

" Within 2 Weeks Of Using The Method I Had 4 Numbers "




   I am extremely grateful for this course. I just moved out to Hollywood and was finding it very frustrating to meet girls at clubs in this area. Within 2 weeks of using the method I had 4 phone numbers and was having great text interactions with 2 of them. 3 weeks in I had met up with both of them and the amazing thing was that when I finally met up with them they were the ones making all the moves to get physical... they initiated the process towards having sex! The major work to build attraction was done through using the method and text-based interaction. After that it was smooth sailing

:) Thanks for putting together such a great product!


- Alexander, Los Angeles, CA


" This Is Some Seriously Ninja-Level Stuff "



   I was VERY unsure about trying anything online, but work was slow that week and I thought what the hell, can't hurt and I can always ask for my money back. It took me about 20 minutes to get a profile set up, and another ten to browse and pick some girls to message. And just like you described happened to you, as soon as those first messages came back, I was HOOKED. This is some seriously ninja-level stuff you've put together. I'm no longer stressed when I go to the bar with friends because I know there are girls waiting at home, and my wit and banter have gotten better thanks to all the practice I get online. Easily the best program I've bought. Thanks Race.



- Vishal, Chapel Hill, NC

PS. If you were skeptical, I can understand that. I was too. I'm just asking you to set aside your skepticism for only a few weeks to take this online dating system for a test drive, and if you don’t like it...I’ll give you your money back.


Easy peezy lemon squeezy.


PPS. It can't get any easier than this. Just click on the add to cart button below and you'll get the entire system along with all the bonuses.


You won't believe the power of its simplicity... and your first girl online is just minutes away. I want to see you on the other side... so let's do this!


You'll be glad you did.


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